About Chef Sara

Welcome! I’m Sara and I started this blog because I love what I do and want to share my passion with you. I’ve always been really interested in maintaining good health, but I also have a soft spot for rich and comforting foods. Over the years, I’ve found ways of treating myself to both using whole foods (mostly plants) and some high quality meat and dairy.

I grew up in Arizona but I moved to New York to challenge myself and discovered my passion for cooking! I’m a world traveler and my recipes reflect global, cultural influences and bold flavors. To me, food should be accessible, not too fancy, and damn good.

Most of what you will find on this site are tried and true recipes and techniques that celebrate real ingredients, whole foods, and plants. I have professional training in culinary arts from Natural Gourmet Institute and have staged in Thailand at Pun Pun restaurant and Annisa.

Thank you so much for coming to my site. It’s such a pleasure to share my kitchen messes and magic with you. I hope you enjoy and come back often!

…or better yet, sign up for one of my hands-on cooking classes the next time you’re in NYC. Here’s a list of up-coming classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute.



Stay tuned for more classes!

Meatless Monday at the Natural Gourmet Institute
Meatless Monday at the Natural Gourmet Institute


Chef Sara Nash
Vegan Brunch Class at the Natural Gourmet Institute


A Mexican feast with my chef's training class 246.
A Mexican feast with my chef’s training class 246.